About Us

For over a decade, ELG has been developing intelligent, cutting edge technology, and affordable audio and video solutions. With a wide variety of products, ELG has over 200 items which include TV Mounts, Stands and Accessories for home improvement and corporate offices.


ELG is always one step ahead of the market, improving product quality, bringing smart solutions, as well as the most remarkable design to all products, in order to maintain the current leadership, expand our footprint and gain higher brand credibility.


These beliefs are the key reasons for such an extended presence, with over 10.000 stores from different segments currently selling our product line. Electronics, Appliances, Construction, and Home improvement stores have a perfect fit for ELG products.


Our R&D (research and development) team work on a daily basis, searching for opportunities, retrieving information from end-users, from sales teams, and also travelling worldwide to the main events of the audio and video industry throughout the year.


The future is here. Join us!


Main Features
3 Year Warranty
On-Line Support
TV Mount Finder – Apple Store
Fully Owned Industry
Precise Laser Cutting
CAM Product Line
Long lasting epoxi coating
Performance Packaging